Month: April 2012

Thoughts – game book or newspaper idea?

Game books– they are complicated, hard to read, and haven’t been a commercial success despite existing for many years– they are not popular. This type of book makes much more sense as an interactive computer game, on screen and not

This week for the interactive AR book

– I want the AR to be crucial to the story – integral – and not an “extra” or option – the AR content needs to be crucial to the story– usability – make the AR as easy to use as

Big Match Manager

I’ve been looking at the kids book: “Big Match Manager” – an interactive game book: Reviews: “Play out matches using the simple game format, and at the same time use all your cunning to piece together clues and find


My son recommended I look at these books, as the author recently came to talk at their school, and he showed them some AR: “When a marauder destroys the underground sanctuary that Eva Nine was raised in by the

Game books – and forcing the reader to choose

I’ve been thinking more about how to integrate a book with AR. The challenges are: how do we encourage engagement – so readers don’t just read the printed story and ignore the AR story? how do we force choice? how

20 April discussion with writer Dave Moorhead

Style We decided to keep the graphic style – as I’m happy in this style and we’re unsure about how well video would work in this story – we feel video/ film needs to be really well done to avoid

Restructuring the story – making more interactive

The book story (the one that’s printed on paper) only tells the story of the baddies – and is sympathetic to them. It’s the story from their view – how they suffer at the hands of terrorist acts – they

Structuring the story – challenges

I am going to take dave’s original story text and edit it. The book story (the one that’s printed on paper) only tells the story of the baddies – and is sympathetic to them. It’s the story from their view

Some feedback on my story ideas

The AR (basically so far just the cover) is fun, but holding the camera over drawings is just like rollovers and not exciting enough. It’s very passive – or “lean-back”. My plan for the AR book is to take Dave

Augmented book test

1. Download the QR logo: 2. Download the cover PDF here (this is a sample cover for the book). 3. Scan the QR code with your smartphone – this leads to a link to download Junaio (if it isnt  installed

Structure – my literature review + research report

Will AR save the book? Expanding traditional books using Smartphones and AR. 1. Definition – Augmented reality – what is it?– Who’s doing it? what does AR mean anyway?– AR can take away – so not necessarily adding to something

Robin Hood – by David Moorhead – synopsis + characters

The story is taking shape now: Robin She is beautiful but hidden under her green hooded jacket, she’s a tomboy. She lives on the top floor of the tower block with her Dad, who no longer claims his disability benefit,