Month: August 2012

Counting the days: building the Junaio book

Have been working hard in Junaio. It’s an incredible lot of work and slow slow progress! Very much about making multimedia or transmedia – and it becomes very difficult to manage all the ‘assets’ and keep the story structure meaningful.

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Newspaper versions + simple rules

Some more thoughts on how the story experience works. Clarification of the story structure and rules is still needed I find, as am now at the point where am writing the individual newspapers, and even though we have the whole

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List of things to do yet

To do:1. registration – DB – users v time2. send emails with newspapers to users – over time3. Build each newspaper – day 2,3, 4 – good and bad versions – in rough including pictures – get Dave Moorhead approval

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AR book update

Well, it’s taking me a lot longer than expected!

 Anyway, the AR for Day 1 is finished, and this means I’ve got to grips with the code, so the other days should hopefully come quicker now.

I’ve attached a QR code

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Database stuff

I had big problems trying to make a button in Junaio, where the user clicks on a button to update the DB. Should have been easy I thought. I couldnt understand what the support staff told me, and in the

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