Month: September 2014

Job searching for middle aged people

Today is going to be a successful day. I’ve woken up feeling very positive.
I’ve been reading tips on getting a job. Two very important things are (1) to always be professional, and (2) to never give up.
So I will put these into practice …

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The great artist

I made this comic after attending an art exhibition. I often see people doing things that get credit, but when I do it it gets ignored. My idea was Buddy Rivers, the automatic comedian.

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I have long been a fan of the home secretary

T shirt idea that was rejected. Cant believe she ended up a prime minister!

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Examples of geolocation code

I researched websites explaining how to write geolocation code. HTML5 and Google maps, some useful tutorials. Started to build a fast prototype to demonstrate my idea.

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Promo Video for Degree show

Video documenting the University of Bedfordshire Media Degree Show.

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Summary of initial idea

This idea comes from thinking about site-specific Art, e.g. sculpture, and experiments with site-specific Literature, especially connections between story and place.

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