Broken Brexit book published (2019)

16 December 2019

For the past three years or more, the UK has been totally obsessed with “Brexit” – ie Britain exiting the European Union (EU).

It’s proved more gripping than any TV drama or Zombie movie, glueing the public to their seats, while the EU and rest of the world look on in amazement – and horror – as a once great nation spirals into terminal decline.

This activity and colouring book captures the excitement and craziness of the period – the characters, locations, slogans, lies, scheming and nail-biting political crises in dot-to-dot scenes and colouring pages. Character trivia, cool anecdotes and Brexit facts are mixed in along the way, so you can re-live the intensity of those memorable Brexit moments, and test yourself on your Brexit knowledge!

100 pages of fun, including word searches, crosswords, join the dots, quizzes.

£7.50 VAT included (where applicable), plus delivery

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Runner holidays (2018)

Initial concept, research, UX Designs and mockups (on Google slides) for a central web resource that brings together useful quality information and bookings for a niche interest area – serious/ elite runner holidays (eg trail running and endurance holidays). Concept, UX Designs, wireframes and prototype. (Personal) project – work in progress (October 2018).

  • Concept is to put trusted, quality information on serious runner news and holidays in one central place, and make it simple to make informed bookings
  • Site aims to be specialised centre of knowledge for running holidays
  • Search for runners holidays, make bookings, be a provider – plus add holidays
  • Community feedback and comments act as quality watchdog (as in Trip Advisor)
  • Expert/ elite reviews/ news articles

Broken Brexit (2019)

A colouring and activity book for grown-ups

Looking back over the past three years, Brexit has proved more gripping than any TV drama or Zombie movie; glueing the UK public to their seats  while the EU and rest of the world look on in amazement and horror as a once great nation spirals into terminal decline.

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aaron banks

This colouring and activity book captures the excitement and craziness of the period – the characters, the locations, the slogans, the lies, scheming and nail-biting political crises in dot-to-dot scenes and colouring pages. Character trivia, cool anecdotes and Brexit facts are mixed in along the way, so you can re-live the intensity of those memorable Brexit moments.

This is a 100 page colour book, A4 format, for sale in selected bookshops in London. £ 11.50.

wheat fields

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Carriage Returns (2014)

Faced with threats to their established business models via digital technology, publishers are looking for ways to innovate. ‘Carriage Returns’ was a proposal for a locative app which encouraged people to read, and was an innovative and cost effective use of digital technology for Publishers, to increase book sales through repurposing their existing content.

Linked document: PDF detailing the Concept and designs

Schematic explaining the idea


  • commercial idea
  • a simple html5 app
  • map interface
  • Trains are a popular place to read
  • People on trains are reading fewer paper books nowadays – increasingly spending journeys looking at phone/ tablet or kindle. I see more tablets now than kindles. Are they reading on e-reading software?

Overall Idea 

  • When you travel on trains, you can download (wifi) – for free – a chapter/ sample from a book.
  • A free book extract …
  • The book extract you get depends on which station you are at, or which station you are travelling through
  • This depends on the GPS location of the station. Your phone or tablet knows this.
  • The book can reflect something about the place or area (e.g. Whitehall – spies, City – finance, Hoxton – creative, Westminster – politics) aiming for the type of people who use those stations
  • Different book chapters/ samples will be made available each day – or once a week?
  • Idea is to attract interest in a book
  • And then if they like the book they are guided to order it – we can have special offers – and offer recommendations of similar books to order

Sherwood Rise (2013)

Sherwood Rise was the world’s first augmented reality (AR) novel, which was the result of a Post Doc at the University of Bedfordshire dedicated to experimenting with the future of the book, and how to make a physical book interactive. Dave Moorhead wrote the script, and the result was an interactive story that really pushed the boundaries.

This was an AR transmedia interactive graphic novel and game, told over four days through a range of media and formats: newspapers, AR on mobile phones, emails, websites, blogs, sound, music, and graphic novels. The story was basically the classic Robin Hood story applied to post financial crash GB.

Over 4 days you receive a newspaper which you can interact with, via AR on a mobile phone. Your interaction updates a database, which then dictates the newspaper edition you receive the next day. This is a type of “real game” where you simulate taking part in a revolution and are forced to take sides. 

crime scene

It’s a story told in a range of media on multiple platforms, to expand a traditional printed story, adding additional layers of story through AR, and an interactive story where readers determine the outcome. This was a research collaboration between Dave Miller and Dave Moorhead, ost-doc research funded by the University of Bedfordshire and UNESCO Future of the Book project, 2012-14. 

savoy chef

An academic article published in ‘Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies’, describes the project in detail. 

The AR browser technology (Junaio) used as the basis of the story is now defunct, so I cant currently provide a link. 

Illustrations and the aesthetics of AR on mobile phones play a large part in the storytelling, so please take a look at the Flickr feed, and this PDF presentation to the MINA festival (2016) provides further detail on the project.

Best of Our Spies (2013)

Book about spies and the French resistance during WW2. The book was already written (Alex Gerlis) & published, and the author wanted a locative AR mockup/ working demo to present to Publisher (agents). The concept was to expand the book using AR and Layar.

The solution needed to use image recognition (to recognise markers in the book) and also location.

Images/ icons in the book via AR open up layers of additional info – maps, sounds, videos, materials ideally that exist already through the original book research – and bring them to life.

Location based Points of Information (POI’s) – places described in the book. The idea is to show interesting things at these specific locations, which are relevant to the story, and in doing so extend/ expand the story. Much of the story was based in Northern France in WW2 and the AR pulled in photos and videos.

Here are some of the drawings used in the demo (images that were triggered by the AR):

Bruce Gernand (2011)

Bruce Gernand is a contemporary UK sculptor. I built the HTML/ CSS for his artist website while working for Platform-3 web development company (February 2011).

I built the website working from design documents and mockups, provided by the Designer. I created wireframes and templates, and the artist provided text and many photographs, which I then assembled in the site. The website development involved regular multiple meetings with the artist, to check details and test everything so it worked and looked how he wanted. 

Occupy London with Cartoons (2011)

During the Occupy site at St Pauls, London, there were lots of drawings and paintings sellotaped to the walls; the area became a sort of temporary public Art gallery. Works full of slogans and messages, full of passion.

It occurred to me that many people wanted to express their views in this way, and contribute their own art work to express their support and solidarity; but they couldn’t physically be at St Pauls.

I built an online cartoon tool to make it easy to collaboratively author your own political/satirical cartoons. Once a week I printed them, went to St Pauls and stuck them on the walls. Some well known artists contributed their work, building up a big stock of ‘ready-made’ fantastic drawings and cartoons – for everyone to remix into their own political cartoons.

The project was a collectively authored and networked satire, giving people a chance to participate/ support/ speak out/ in a creative way.

Link to the project

Cox Bulleid (2011)

Cox Bulleid Architects are a multi award winning architectural practice based in Shoreditch East London. From sketches, initial ideas and wireframes I built the HTML/ CSS for their company website, while working for Platform-3 web development company.

The website needed to feel very light, minimal design in keeping with their design approach, a minimum of text, and the focus given to images – photos and designs – to show off their work, designs, mockups and results. Large images were to be used, using only small areas of descriptive text, and the smallest size of text that was readable. 

An elegant and effective navigation was required, that didnt interfere with the design, or dominate in any way.

AL Films (2010)

AL Films is an independent film and TV production company. I designed and built their website on behalf of Platform-3 web development company.

I met with clients, worked out requirements, designed wireframes, designed mockups with an emphasis of a minimal look, and finally scripted the HTML/CSS. Aimed to make the website as simple as possible, straight HTML, and easy to update.

Courtauld Institute (2010)

The Courtauld Institute of Art is one of the world’s leading centres for the study of the history and conservation of art and architecture, and its gallery houses one of Britain’s best-loved collections. Located in Somerset House, The Courtauld is an independent college of the University of London. Working for Platform-3, I helped develop their website.

I was part of a small team that built an interactive gallery map including images, videos and virtual tours of highlights in the Courtauld Gallery collection. Built using HTML, CSS and JQuery.

Buddy Rivers Live (2008)

With Dawn & Len

Buddy Rivers Live was a live networked performance of an automatic comedian. The first performance took place in a gallery in Bermondsey, London, in 2008. The project used live internet searches and feeds to create jokes automatically/ on the fly. These text jokes were then converted into voice via a (server based) text to speech synthesiser, and then finally relayed to the audience. This automatic process meant that Buddy told jokes forever!

Buddy & Reg

The core of this project is a computer network generated comedian, capable of an endless generated network performance. His performance is even affected by user interaction (heckling), and I built in some primitive AI.

I wanted to construct a character who could say unpredictable things and upset people. Adding sound to this project took my work into new areas. It was like bringing my creation to life. I set up a text-to-speech synthesiser on an Internet server, so each constructed joke was transformed into speech. 

Leroy Club

I wrote a backstory for this project, and published some interviews in the pre-show material, to try to drum up interest beforehand. The idea was that Buddy used to be a famous comedian, and hung around with many big stars. He used to perform often at the Leroy Club, but eventually his popularity waned and he retired to Marbella. This was to be a one-off show, to help save the club.