Carriage Returns (2014)

carriage returns

Faced with threats to their established business models via digital technology, publishers are looking for ways to innovate. ‘Carriage Returns’ was a proposal for a locative app which encouraged people to read, and was an innovative and cost effective use of digital technology for Publishers, to increase book sales through repurposing their existing content.

Linked document: PDF detailing the Concept and designs

Schematic explaining the idea


  • commercial idea
  • a simple html5 app
  • map interface
  • Trains are a popular place to read
  • People on trains are reading fewer paper books nowadays – increasingly spending journeys looking at phone/ tablet or kindle. I see more tablets now than kindles. Are they reading on e-reading software?

Overall Idea 

  • When you travel on trains, you can download (wifi) – for free – a chapter/ sample from a book.
  • A free book extract …
  • The book extract you get depends on which station you are at, or which station you are travelling through
  • This depends on the GPS location of the station. Your phone or tablet knows this.
  • The book can reflect something about the place or area (e.g. Whitehall – spies, City – finance, Hoxton – creative, Westminster – politics) aiming for the type of people who use those stations
  • Different book chapters/ samples will be made available each day – or once a week?
  • Idea is to attract interest in a book
  • And then if they like the book they are guided to order it – we can have special offers – and offer recommendations of similar books to order

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