Hancock opens new hospital – AR.js experiment (2020)

  1. On your mobile phone, start a browser (ideally Firefox or Chrome).
  2. In your browser address bar, type the following: boomar.github.io/hancock
  3. You will then be asked to share your camera (say yes)
  4. Point your camera at the image below.

You will see an augmented scene, on top of the image. Hancock (UK health minister) sneezes and infects all the NHS staff!

Here’s a screenshot…

Here’s the story behind it …

PM likes his country breaks (2020)

This is an AR composition, using AR.js, and A-frame. More about this powerful combination in my blog: https://augmented-wonder.blogspot.com

How to use it:

  • On your mobile, start a browser (ideally Firefox or Chrome).
  • In the browser address bar, type: https://boomar.github.io/chequers
  • You will be asked to share your camera (say YES)
  • Point your camera at the image below. You will see an augmented scene…

You will see:

Johnson walks with his girlfriend through the bluebells at his country estate (Chequers).
A plane carrying PPE flies past in the distance, unnoticed.
Countryside and flowers, birds singing.
PM blissfully disiniterested/ unconcerned in 1000’s of deaths around him, that he caused, and still does nothing about.
Cavalier incompetence over the coronavirus outbreak.
He likes his country breaks.
Good croquet on the blossom-strewn Chequers lawns

Pandemic- Where did we go wrong? (2020)

I made a mini comic for this book, and I am one of many contributions. It’s a largely academic/ journalistic book, which aims to capture the zeitgeist. My comic covers the pandemic – from UK perspective and many different angles. I was very lucky to be included and it’s a great opportunity to have my work published.

But the full comic is much bigger. I had to chop down and reduce a lot, to fit into the format of the book. This is what I have done so far – it’s a work in progress: http://davemiller.org/projects/pandemic_comic_slideshow/

About the book:
This is the first draft of a very public inquiry, important to the UK and the world. 2020 was a wasted year for much of the planet, wiped out by the virus that started in Wuhan China just over eight months ago. Since, the novel Covid 19 virus is no longer new and has had devastating effects on people and economies. To date, over one hundred and twenty four million have contracted it worldwide, over half a million have died: in the UK close to 300,000 cases with 45,000 official deaths. The true figure is north of 60,000. Coronavirus truly is the modern Plague. It has devastated lives and economies. This book is an attempt to explain the genesis, aetiology, progress and handling of the Pandemic in one country – the UK. It has varied from farce to panic and back again. With its innovative comic book short history of the pandemic in the UK, through the intense analysis of everything that has occurred by the most distinguished cast of journalists, commentators and academics, this book is an important first step in uncovering the crisis that has been created. 

The contributors are: Dave Miller, Rod Liddle, James Ball, Juliet Rix, Paul Corrigan, Angela Antetomaso Forbes, Dr Alex Connock, Matthew d’Ancona, Dr Steven Mccabe, Simon Morioka and Claire Kennedy, Dr John Lister, Peter K Wells, Dr Paul Davies, Dorothy Byrne, Paul Connew, Professor Barnie Choudhury, Neil Fowler, Ben Parsons, Professor Vicky Pryce, Professors David Bailey and Phil Tomlinson, and Professor John Howson.

Second edition – covering events in September – November (to be published soon):