Dave Miller : Portfolio

Hi, I'm Dave Miller

Welcome to my website! I'm a designer, developer and artist.

What I do

I research and make art through combinations of drawings, interactive and non-linear storytelling, especially in the context of computation, the Internet and emerging media. If you want to learn more, take a look at my portfolio, which is a curated collection of the artistic projects I like to show off. I also have a long background of commercial experience in multimedia design, web design and development, some of which is shown here.
My CV is available on request.

Learn from me

I teach classes on Design and Interactive Storytelling, at university level. A few classes I've recently designed and/or taught:


Dave is a designer, developer and artist, with a background in electronics, graphic design, multimedia and interactive media. His teaching and practice address the intersections of art, technology and politics, with a focus on comic drawings/ info comics, design activism, interactivity and computational creativity.

Dave is originally from Liverpool and currently lives in London.