About me

Dave Miller is an academic in interactive storytelling. He has extensive experience in design and development of digital media, and has an arts practice for over ten years.

His artistic interests lie in telling political stories which engage with current issues, and with forces affecting our lives. His works focus on participation and community, collaboration, political empowerment, challenging control and hierarchies of authorship. Dave’s work usually takes the form of stories and drawings, mixing news, social and political issues, social injustices, with personal experience, views and observations. He makes drawings and satirical comics. Many of his works are digital, programmed, experiments, exploring the participatory aspects of networked and emerging technologies. Dave experiments with interactive stories in many forms – interactive fictions, networked stories, collaborative stories, generative stories, transmedia, augmented reality. He is interested in the aesthetics of protest, art as a political tool, the overlap of art and technology, interventions, tactical media.

Dave is a published author in the field of augmented reality and digital storytelling. Dave has a commercial background over thirty years as digital developer and designer, multimedia designer, graphic designer, and technical communicator.

Commercial portfolio: ​davemilleruk.myportfolio.com

Twitter: @corrugation @millerartdesign

Instagram: davemillerart

Facebook: Dave Miller