January 2021

Pandemic: a year of mistakes? edited by John Mair – is published on Feb 8th by Bite Sized Books, available on Amazon. This is a collection of twenty essays on the record of the Johnson government in the covid pandemic.

I’ve made a drawing for each month of the Pandemic, to be featured within the book. Link to work in progress:

November 2020

Pandemic comic published – 2nd edition – covering period from September to November 2020.

The comic is included in the new book “PANDEMIC; WHERE ARE WE STILL GOING WRONG” published by Bite Sized Books on November 19th (Amazon).

Posted in the “Pandemic Magazine” & Unity News publication “The Word”.

July 2020

Published comic: “Pandemic – Where Did We Go Wrong?”
I produced a comic series for the book, in the form of an innovative comic book short history of the pandemic in the UK. The book is a collection of academic essays and critiques from a distinguished cast of journalists, commentators and academics, which try to explain the genesis, aetiology, progress and handling of the Pandemic in the UK.
Link to the book (Amazon)

December 2019

Published book: Broken Brexitgraphic novel which captures the excitement and craziness of the Brexit crisis over the past 3 years – includes drawings of characters, significant moments, slogans, scheming, scandals, in dot-to-dot scenes, crosswords, quizzes and colouring pages. Buy the book online (Etsy):

November 2019

Published a series of guest blog posts on Henry Jenkins website – essays on British comics – particularly Lord Snooty and the Beano comic – Cartoonish toffs, memes & use of Beano characters to criticise political power:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

November 2016

MINA Conference, Melbourne, Australia. Presented academic paper on mobile AR storytelling.

July 2015

MIX DIGITAL Conference, Bath Spa University. Presented academic paper and exhibited my AR story ‘Sherwood Rise’.

May 2015

Drawing exhibited in the Bread & Roses exhibition, London Radical Bookfair 2015.

April 2015

Featured on Radio 4 Arts Technologica programme on how artists use the internet to create and distribute work, and how digital technologies are shaping our lives.

February 2015

Drawing exhibited in AP Group Show at the “Birds Nest”, Deptford.

November 2014

WebWeWant Festival, South Bank Centre, London. Commissioned by Furtherfield/ Arts Council/ SouthBank Centre to make drawings for the “Play Your Place” online games.

November 2014

Presented my work at V&A Digital Futures: Disobedient Objects (Digital Programmes, Victoria and Albert Museum) & on the discussion panel.

April 2014

Sold drawings/ prints and graphic novels at the London Radical Bookfair, Bishopsgate, London

February 2014

Published article on “Adaptations and new media forms of the book” in the Media Journal: “Convergence Volume 20 Issue 1”.

January 2013

“Sherwood Rise” – the augmented book – released

June 2012

“Invisible Forces”, group exhibition, Furtherfield Gallery, Finsbury Park, London

July 2012

Performed Radiation walk in Finsbury Park

December 2010

Prints in the Bookmarks annual art fair (Socialist bookshop).

Spring 2010

Drawings published in Flaneur, art and culture zine.

March 2010

Bankers Bonuses project at LUMEN_EX festival (Spain) and Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum Web Biennial.

November 2009

Collaborated on drawings for DIWO/ Dark Mountain Project, Furtherfield Gallery

June 2008

“A walk in the park with Joseph Paxton”. Live networked performance, London Festival of Architecture, Hyde Park

April 2008

Buddy Rivers Live Live networked performance, network generated comedian, Leroy Street gallery, Bermondsey, London.

February 2008

University of Greenwich. Presented “Radiation Walks” project to “Trouble Makers/ Making Trouble:interdisciplinary transgressions” conference.

February 2008

Pepperton Gallery, London. Group show, exhibited prints from”The Wreckers”

December 2007

Drawing published in ‘Daily Constitutional’ zine, issue ‘Delusions of Grandeur’.

September 2007

South London Artists. Exhibited work in group show. Space C Gallery, London

2007 & 2008

FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Exhibited ‘The Wreckers’ project.

September 2007

TENSE, NERVOUS HEADACHES? Tour of Crystal Palace, London, performance mapping mobile mast radiation levels

April 2007

Cartoon Generator, online tool, mixing user pictures and captions with RSS generated captions. Exhibited at ‘Takeaway 2’ show, Dana Centre, London.

January 2007

DIWO. Political drawings for HTTP Gallery, London, exploring idea of collaborative making.

January 2007

The Wreckers. Interactive and collaborative work on the wrecking of the ship MSC Napoli in Devon.

October 2006

Newscartoon v2. Presented to conference on Generative Art, for the Norwich International Animation Festival.

October 2006

Newscartoon. Tool using RSS feeds and Yahoo searches to generate a cartoon/ illustration based on latest news and users opinions. Exhibited at “Be Very Afraid” group show, BAFTA, Piccadilly, London.

September 2006

Networked Art Generator. A spin-off from the Shirley Bassey project. A tool for creating live net drawings. Illustrations created using this tool were exhibited in the Signals festival, London.

December 2006

Shirley Bassey Mixed Up. Network generated collaborative illustrated story. Exhibited at “Be Very Afraid” group show, BAFTA, London (October 2006), Online Exhibition of International, Digital Art (Liverpool Biennial Festival of Contemporary Art 2006), Generative Art Milan.

June 2006

newscomic. RSS driven comic strip.

March 2006

Corrugation Street Communal soap opera, an experiment in new forms of interactive storytelling, particularly collaboratively authored and networked narratives. Exhibited at “Takeaway” festival, Dana Centre, London, and Generative Art Milan (December 2005).

March 2006

The Chinese Cocklepickers, an interactive story concerning the tragedy of the Chinese migrant workers who drowned in Morecambe Bay, 2004. Exhibited at “Takeaway” festival, Dana Centre, Science Museum, London.


Supermarket Sweep Up, a community and campaigning watchdog blog focussing on major supermarkets.

January 2005

The Picture of Dorian Blair – database driven interactive story

January 2000

Stop it, a campaigning web site against proposed commercial development of historic London park.


Yves Klein Interactive, a CD-ROM Interactive exploration of the life of the French Artist.

April 1994

Happy Valley, short film. Shown at following festivals: Sao Paolo One-Minute film festival (1994), FFOFF Film Festival, Nice (March 1994), Videoformes, Clermond-Ferrand, France, Glasgow New Visions short film festival (April 1994).