Pandemic comic – some ideas & notes

Idea is – a series of cartoon strips with key moments in the Pandemic catastrophe

Exploring from many angles ;

A regular comic – graphic non-fiction/ satire

Informative and educational

Info graphic/ graphic novel/ comic

Satire/ selected history and presented in certain ways

 Capture the zeitgeist

A6 black/ white/ greyscale

Somehow pull together at end – if demand

How do I reach the market? Published, self publish.

Original way to tell the story of the pandemic

Broken Brexit book published (2019)

16 December 2019

For the past three years or more, the UK has been totally obsessed with “Brexit” – ie Britain exiting the European Union (EU).

It’s proved more gripping than any TV drama or Zombie movie, glueing the public to their seats, while the EU and rest of the world look on in amazement – and horror – as a once great nation spirals into terminal decline.

This activity and colouring book captures the excitement and craziness of the period – the characters, locations, slogans, lies, scheming and nail-biting political crises in dot-to-dot scenes and colouring pages. Character trivia, cool anecdotes and Brexit facts are mixed in along the way, so you can re-live the intensity of those memorable Brexit moments, and test yourself on your Brexit knowledge!

100 pages of fun, including word searches, crosswords, join the dots, quizzes.

£7.50 VAT included (where applicable), plus delivery

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