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The Depressed Architect is back!

Why is Teresa May so popular?

Drawing about Teresa May, UK Prime Minister, and trying to understand her appeal, which I find baffling.

I’ve talked to many people and these are the sort of things I hear. The superficiality and misinformation scares me, and I hope this drawing conveys some sense of the approaching menace.

Shock election announced!

The Corbyn Coup 

Graphic novel/ comic about the attempted Labour Party coup on Jeremy Corbyn.
A journalistic documentary style comic which I submitted to The Nib, which is an excellent channel for political comics.


Long before the story about Philip Green and how he asset stripped BHS became big news, I investigated the subject myself. I drew this in 2012 and focused on the tax evasion via gifts to his wife in Monaco.

Libor Rigging

Former Trader Tom Hayes Sentenced to 14 Years for Libor Rigging. The ethical anaesthesia of the privileged?

Barbara Castle and the missing dossier

This drawing is about Barbara Castle’s missing dossier scandal. A lot of the source material came from snippets I found in mainly tabloid newspapers, and mostly consists of interviews.

What sorrow for you

This drawing is about greed and speculation, gentrification and social cleansing, and the Heygate estate in Elephant & Castle.

The great artist

I made this comic after attending an art exhibition. I often see people doing things that get credit, but when I do it it gets ignored. My idea was Buddy Rivers, the automatic comedian.

I have long been a fan of the home secretary

T shirt idea that was rejected. Cant believe she ended up a prime minister!

Work harder you lazy Britons!

William Hague tells everyone to roll their sleeves up.

Take your money out of the bank

Depressed architect

Trophy architects and pointless, valueless egocentric projects being built all over London, during an era of austerity measures. Inspired by ‘Modern Toss’ comics.

Violence of the scene

Comic story about the student riots in London (2010).

Political hairdresser

Comic about conversations with hairdressers. Usually these are very predictable, and I wanted to make a comic character who says the wrong things, talks about the wrong things in a particular situation. I’ve never had a political conversation in a hairdressers.

bailouts, bonuses, austerity

These drawings came from the interactive web project I completed in October 2009, dealing with the subject of bank bailouts and bonuses.

Trouble at the big house

A house gets broken into, a bank gets bailed out.

Crime against humanity

(Now we) work for free

Based on the news that British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh requested BA 40,000 staff should work without pay for a month.

The ruling classes

Bank run