Corrugation St

Digital/ networked project

Corrugation Street is a soap opera written by all of us. It’s a soap opera that you can help write. Get involved in making the story.

Be a co-author, co-illustrator or a researcher. Change the subject of the story, the mood, or the look and feel. Create your own unique version of the story, told in your own personal way.

How does it work?
It’s rather like helping a band mix a studio album, or helping an author to write a book. There are three parallel stories, a bit like recording tracks on an album. One is already written, one you create, and the third is created by a computer script. The mix of the three ‘tracks’ produces the overall story.

How do I add a story?
It’s easy. I’ve created the ‘background’ story. All you do is say which subjects you want to mix in to the story and the Corrugation Street script goes off and searches the Internet, brings back words and pictures, and mixes them into the story, creating YOUR version of the story,
which is unique.You can then enjoy the story, and print out the scenes at the end. This is your unique version of the story, and you have total ownership rights over it.

What is Corrugation Street?
Street is an experiment in collectively authored and networked generated stories. It’s an online soap opera that you, me and the Internet write together.

Collective authorship?
The ideas behind Corrugation Street come from my desire to tell my own stories online, which has been a constant theme in my previous work. I realised that presenting stories in a traditional manner, with a strong separation between the author and the reader, doesn’t work well on the Internet which is an increasingly open, participative, sharing and community-driven medium. I have decided to approach my storytelling in the same way, and let other authors help me write the stories. Ultimately I want Corrugation Street to be a communally created soap opera.

Why a soap opera?
Because they’re popular, fun, and extendable. I want people to be able to easily add stories and characters.

Three simultaneous authors
There are three authors collaborating in the Corrugation Street stories: myself, the user, and the ‘generator script’. The generator script is a computer program that is the heart of Corrugation Street. It pulls material from the Internet and recycles it, then integrates it into the stories. In this way, Corrugation Street is partly a network generated story. The user controls and influences what this script does, but it does act partly on it’s own. I am interested in the idea of the network speaking ‘ if the Internet could express itself, what would we see? What would it tell us?

Download PDF versions:

Corrugation Street episode 1 (3.4Mb)

Corrugation Street episode 2 (3.4Mb)

Corrugation Street episode 2 (3.8Mb)

This was a project initiated while studying MA Networked Media Environments at Ravensbourne College of
Art and Design, Kent.

October 2005

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