About me

Artistic/ academic

I work as an academic at London South Bank University and Bournemouth University.

My artistic interests are: digital storytelling, networked stories, Augmented Reality and future of the book/ creative uses of emerging technology. Infographics/ Information Design, Graphic novels, political comics.

My work usually takes the form of stories and satirical drawings/ comics, mixing news, social and political issues, with personal experience, views and observations. Many of my works are digital, programmed, exploring the participatory aspects of networked and emerging technologies.

I have published research in the field of Augmented Reality and digital storytelling.

Industry background

I have an industry background of over thirty years as web developer and designer, multimedia designer, and technical communicator.

After graduating from UMIST in 1981 I started work as an Electrical Engineer on oil rigs in Nigeria and the North Sea, later moving into Technical Writing, writing manuals for large computer companies. Through this time I became very interested in visual communication, and in 1989 studied MA Graphic Design, where I discovered computer-based training and then multimedia.

Following this I worked as a Graphic Designer, focusing at first on multimedia CD-ROM titles and from 1996 in web design, particularly corporate web design from 1997-2005.

In 2005 I studied MA in Networked Media, to improve my web developer skills, update my interactive media industry knowledge and explore art interests. Since then I have worked in a combination of web design/ development, university lecturing and art.

I consider myself a good all-rounder who can develop from concept through design to final product, with a strong understanding of new and emerging technologies. I have extensive work experience as a web designer on a wide range of projects, with both small and large companies.

I am a good communicator, capable of thinking analytically and designing with the user experience in mind. I have strong graphic design and illustration skills plus the technical developer skills required to build advanced websites and applications.

Recently I have been teaching digital storytelling at various universities, and making academic research into how to use emerging technology to write new types of stories. I combine this work with my arts practice.


  • Web site design (14 years)
  • HTML/ CSS: (12 years)‚ hand coding
  • Graphic design (20 years)
  • PHP (6 years), MySQL, API, UNIX
  • Multimedia (16 years) RSS/ XML: (2 years)
  • Technical Writing (5 years)
  • Adobe Illustrator: (6 years)
  • CMS – WordPress/ Drupal (5 years)
  • Adobe Photoshop: (10 years)
  • VLE – Moodle (2 years)
  • Adobe Fireworks: (10 years)
  • Illustration Adobe Flash (8 years)
  • Jquery/ javascript: 4 years
  • AR/ Junaio/ Layar/ mobile apps : 1.5 years


  • 2013: Post Doc Research Fellow, University of Bedfordshire
  • 2006: M.A. Networked Media, Ravensbourne College of Design, London
  • 1990: M.A. Graphic Design, City of Birmingham University
  • 1981: B.Sc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UMIST (Manchester)
  • 1977: 11 ‘O’ levels, 4 ‘A’ levels

Contact details
For a copy of my latest CV please contact me via: dave.miller.uk@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davemill