Coach of the year

This is an early experiment in css animations – my idea is to make small story vignettes exploring the technical and multimedia possibilities of the web: The aim is to make a series of these, over time, making them increasingly

The Depressed Architect is back!

Augmenting the Crystal Palace

I was asked to make something for the 2017 London Festival of Architecture, that could be part of the Overground festival in Crystal Palace. It was all very rushed, but I thought of looking at how the site of the old Crystal Palace could be augmented or expanded.

There’s very little left of the original Crystal Palace building, but the traces of the site and the gardens are clear to see.

It’s a typical London Park, very big and mostly grass. But there are remaining items – some of the Sphinxes are still there and recently restored. The terraces are there, plus the Dinosaurs. But the top site – where the building stood – is all gone – and the rubble flattened, and grassed over.

Why is Teresa May so popular?

Drawing about Teresa May, UK Prime Minister, and trying to understand her appeal, which I find baffling.

I’ve talked to many people and these are the sort of things I hear. The superficiality and misinformation scares me, and I hope this drawing conveys some sense of the approaching menace.

Shock election announced!

Youth athletics forum is a forum aimed at parents of young middle distance athletes. It’s a place to swap advice about not just middle distance running but all the other stuff that goes with it. This is a community space where parents and kids

MINA Symposium – 1 Dec 2016

I will be talking further about my AR novel project “Sherwood Rise”. This paper describes an experimental and innovative arts project that investigated the future of the book. How to expand a traditional paper book (sometimes referred to as a codex) using new media technologies and AR on mobile phones, while keeping the paper book a central part of the storytelling? The project aimed to go beyond the superficial AR of pop-up books, and use AR to change the content of a printed book.

The idea moved forward

Developed the idea further, tried to make more specific, with funding in mind, thinking why someone would fund it. The idea of hyper localisation crept in.

The Corbyn Coup 

Graphic novel/ comic about the attempted Labour Party coup on Jeremy Corbyn.
A journalistic documentary style comic which I submitted to The Nib, which is an excellent channel for political comics.

Concept diagrams and schematics 2012-16

Slideshow of a range of concept diagrams, information flows, wireframes and schematics for different projects I have worked on over recent years. Some of these are art projects, some research/ academic and concerned with experimental books, while others are for commercial projects.


Long before the story about Philip Green and how he asset stripped BHS became big news, I investigated the subject myself. I drew this in 2012 and focused on the tax evasion via gifts to his wife in Monaco.

Opinion in a cube!

This is a CSS3 storytelling experiment. Using advanced CSS to make a semi transparent rotatable 3D cube that you navigate using the arrow keys, and then telling a story on each side, maybe telling different sides to a story. It’s

Libor Rigging

Former Trader Tom Hayes Sentenced to 14 Years for Libor Rigging. The ethical anaesthesia of the privileged?

Barbara Castle and the missing dossier

This drawing is about Barbara Castle’s missing dossier scandal. A lot of the source material came from snippets I found in mainly tabloid newspapers, and mostly consists of interviews.

What sorrow for you

This drawing is about greed and speculation, gentrification and social cleansing, and the Heygate estate in Elephant & Castle.

Interactive story about video tapes, UK customs and a Cabinet Minister

I made this project mainly as an excuse to experiment with Inklewriter, the interaction fiction writing tool. Usually when I do this sort of thing I have to do all the coding, but this time I was using a ready-made tool, so was able to just focus on the storytelling, and it was really nice!

The great artist

I made this comic after attending an art exhibition. I often see people doing things that get credit, but when I do it it gets ignored. My idea was Buddy Rivers, the automatic comedian.

I have long been a fan of the home secretary

T shirt idea that was rejected. Cant believe she ended up a prime minister!

Examples of geolocation code

I researched websites explaining how to write geolocation code. HTML5 and Google maps, some useful tutorials. Started to build a fast prototype to demonstrate my idea.

Promo Video for Degree show

Video documenting the University of Bedfordshire Media Degree Show.

Summary of initial idea

This idea comes from thinking about site-specific Art, e.g. sculpture, and experiments with site-specific Literature, especially connections between story and place.

Early storyboard

Early schematic – a diagram/ comic – a quick way to communicate the concept by telling the story of how the app is used.

Initial ideas

An unashamedly commercial idea – future of the book/ future of publishing. Aimed at commuters. When you travel on trains, you can download – for free – a chapter/ sample from a book. The book you get depends on which station you are at, or which station you are travelling through.

Bowie fan app – schematic

The project is moving along. I’ve pretty much built an early prototype now using Junaio, but there are some things that just take me too long to work out, stuff a professional coder could do very quickly. I’m happy that

The David Bowie Fan app

What is the idea? – Locative media – geo app – guided tours / walking tours – AR – augmented reality content – participatory/ community – fan work/ fan sites/ fan fictions The Bowie story is so much more than