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Youth athletics forum is a¬†forum aimed at parents of young middle distance athletes. It’s a place to swap advice about not just middle distance running but all the other stuff that goes with it. This is a¬†community space where parents and kids

Concept diagrams and schematics 2012-16

Slideshow of a range of concept diagrams, information flows, wireframes and schematics for different projects I have worked on over recent years. Some of these are art projects, some research/ academic and concerned with experimental books, while others are for commercial projects.

Promo Video for Degree show

Video documenting the University of Bedfordshire Media Degree Show.

Herne Hill Harriers website

Website for Herne Hill Harriers, athletics club, London. I used a standard Wordpress template, with customised CSS.

Cox Bulleid Architects

Website for Cox Bulleid Architects.

Bruce Gernand

Website for Bruce Gerund, the UK sculptor

Roman Vasseur website

Website for Roman Vasseur, contemporary UK artist.

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AL Films

AL Films

Website for AL Films Ltd.

Courtauld Institute

Courtauld Institute website and interactive gallery pages.

British Creative Exchange

Website for BCE – British Creative Exchange.


Nine Birthdays website

Exact Editions

Home page designs for the Exact Editions website

Digital Strategy Consulting Ltd

Designed and developed some parts of the Digital Strategy Consulting website.

Caroline Smith website

Designed and built website for performance artist.

LloydsTSB Corporate

Designed and built a series of interactive Flash demos for online financial products.

BNP Paribas – Global Markets

Web design work for BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas – Structured Credit

Structured Credit intranet site for BNP Paribas


Website for Pineside Ltd childrens homes

BNP Paribas – designing financial tools

Designed models and tools to analyse complex financial data.

Heritage motorsports

Official web site for the annual Motorsport Show

Miura Register

Designed & structured website for a private customer. The site aims to be the central source of all news and information for Miuras, and contains a catalogue of every Miura made, everywhere in the world.

Logo design for

BT Cellnet

Early web designs for BT Cellnet (1997)

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Yves Klein interactive multimedia

Multimedia CD-ROM on the life and work of Yves Klein