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Rockstar holidays – initial idea

The idea of “Rockstar Holidays” (better name needed) is to go on holiday to stay where Rock stars grew up, performed, worked, or died. You can experience part of their life. These holidays are aimed at serious fans. The idea

Rockstar holidays – early questions

Is it a good idea? Does anyone even want this website? Is it already being done? Existing competition? If there is –how do they do it?/ what’s their approach? Let’s start off with some market research … Rock music Tours

Rockstar holidays – design process

Design process to follow: Finalise our conceptual model Decide what the requirements are Who the users are & user profiles (user journeys?) Task analysis Build wireframes Make prototypes

Rockstar hols – Trip Advisor’s biz model

In 1999, TripAdvisor founders Stephen Kauferand his wife, Caroline Lipson Kaufer, decided to take a vacation. The vacation would have turned out to be a disaster if they hadn’t decided to check out the place online. But finding a review proved to

Rockstar hols – AirBNB’s biz model

The world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property.” The Airbnb story started back in 2008, with the two founders, Joe Gebbiaand Brian Chesky, and 3 air mattresses in San Francisco. Their problem: they couldn’t pay rent. They set up a

Rockstar hols – AirBNB’s “Experiences”

Airbnb recently launched their new ‘Experiences’ that will enable guests to book authentic experiences with local hosts from their mobile phone.  Experiences are part of Airbnb’s new mission to create Trips that enable travelers to break out of the ‘tourist box’ they

Rockstar holidays – conceptual model

Rockstart holidays – requirements

We need to establish the Requirements … What are “requirements”? They are the needs that a product must satisfy to provide value to it’s users They are the “how, what and why” We need to understand as much as possible

Rockstar holidays – user characteristics

User characteristics What do the target users like and expect, functionally and emotionally? Based on the technological constraints, we need to design the product for desirability. Who are the users? What do they like? Rock music fans, mainly interest in

Rockstar hols – home page – wireframe

Roughly copying the Airbnb approach – for the wireframe – as seems a logical structure. Design/ brand -wise I dont think the Airbnb brand works for the target audience – this needs a lot of thought … it needs to