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Extended book – bandit drawings

Drawings and sketches as base materials for a book of Robin Hood retellings, which sadly didnt come to fruition, but would have been written by students under supervision of Author Rimi B. Chatterjee in India.

Looking for new Robin Hood stories

I am doing University research and experimenting into the future of the book. This is a media arts project, where my aim is to make a book that exists in two forms –  as a printed book and also online.

AR Book Phase II – Updated Project Spec – PDF doc–OvVnZlbHh2YXFfQ0U/edit?usp=sharing

AR book phase II – the extended book

Currently I am looking to recruit writers to contribute short story retellings (or reversioning, or adaptation, or appropriation etc) of the Robin Hood story from different cultural contexts. It would be really great if your students could get involved. I’ve

Online writing communities (Thanks to Sam for these!) Checked them out on the HTC – they all look quite poor – none have been optimised for mobile … greatwriting – poor  writingforums – better  legendfire – poor 

Fanfics, Robin Hood and AR books

some thoughts… – spent the day looking at fanfic sites… Diagon Alley ( Live Journal – fanfics Tumblr – I realise that my AR book system will not be about fanfics – it’s

Notes on my latest AR book project

1. Phase II project – Robin Hood – the extended book Focusing the project The paper book will be an adaptation of the Robin Hood story Retold by Indian students A short book, printed/ paper book (a real book), a

More notes on Phase II project

Why build it? I need a proper – efficient -process. – fan fiction generator – drawing mashups – how do fan fictions work? – example sites? Forums/ reading and writing – how do fan fiction communities function? – management –

Phase II – New Research project – designing & some questions

What is the purpose of the research project?  What research questions will be addressed?  How will I research them?  What will my project test?  How will I test it?

Plan for Phase II Augmented Book Project

  by end April by end May by end June by end July by end Aug. Plan/ agree project – Finalise spec design/scope and write spec STARTED STARTED       Assemble authors, in different countries STARTED DONE    

Phase II book – the reading process

Thinking through the Framework – my POI Authoring system

I have started to build an authoring system – or CMS – so that authors can easily contribute stories. Doing this has raised lots of questions, and here is my thinking process … Adding POI’s (AR fan fictions/ fan art)

Phase II mockup

Augmented Book phase II – initial notes

Title: Sweatshop (no longer out of sight or mind) Theme We want to continue with the Robin Hood theme. Would be great to do an Indian bandit version. – Robin Hood theme – Bandits in India – Fiction, but based