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Sherwood Rise demo – on Vimeo

Sherwood Rise – the augmented book from Dave Miller on Vimeo.

Update on my Phase II idea for the book

3 May 2013 – update on my Phase II idea for the book 1. This book extends an existing book using location based augmented reality 2. It can be “read” or “experienced”  in two separate international locations only (City and

Automated emails and spider nightmares

Last week I confidently invited people to sign up to the augmented story, registering so that they would receive the story emails over 4 days.  I sorted out my scripts and it was all working, or so it appeared. I

Project description/ summary – updated

Title: Sherwood Rise Sherwood Rise is an Augmented transmedia graphic novel. This is a research collaboration between Dave Miller and Dave Moorhead, under the leadership of Professor Alexis Weedon, University of Bedfordshire, UK. The project is part of the UNESCO

Voting points

Generally – we need more balance across the whole project. As the story is determined by the score in the database, then users need to be able to vote both NO and YES easily and often, on both TRUTH and

Hacker website

Hacker website  – – this needs a serious hacker feel to it – obscure url – needs to sound dodgy – black background, green text, courier font – no design at all – dangerous, illegal – full of codes

Registration page

Here’s the domain name: The message on this website has been quite difficult to get right, it’s been quite tricky to get the balance right … Here I want to pull people in to read the AR book I

Overall picture – summary

Suspension of belief is necessary, and hopefully readers will accept this, as some of this is fantastic and unrealistic It’s a trial new newspaper, launched to address a (perceived) left wing bias in the media, and arguing that we need

Thoughts on voice

One of my original intentions behind using AR in a news story was so that the AR would be an independent and objective voice in the story. I admit however, that due to trying to make the story manageable, cutting

Back story

We need to have a good story around the whole thing – to pull people in – not just “here’s a link, try this” – I need a good convincing and interesting back story to pull people in. Why would

Counting the days: building the Junaio book

Have been working hard in Junaio. It’s an incredible lot of work and slow slow progress! Very much about making multimedia or transmedia – and it becomes very difficult to manage all the ‘assets’ and keep the story structure meaningful.

Newspaper versions + simple rules

  Some more thoughts on how the story experience works. Clarification of the story structure and rules is still needed I find, as am now at the point where am writing the individual newspapers, and even though we have the

List of things to do yet

To do:1. registration – DB – users v time2. send emails with newspapers to users – over time3. Build each newspaper – day 2,3, 4 – good and bad versions – in rough including pictures – get Dave Moorhead approval

AR book update

Well, it’s taking me a lot longer than expected!

 Anyway, the AR for Day 1 is finished, and this means I’ve got to grips with the code, so the other days should hopefully come quicker now.

I’ve attached a QR code

Database stuff

I had big problems trying to make a button in Junaio, where the user clicks on a button to update the DB. Should have been easy I thought. I couldnt understand what the support staff told me, and in the

Working on the overview of the transmedia story

Spent day with Dave Moorhead – writing the overall story – mapping out on a wall, and working together to sort out the bigger story/ experience and the details of each day/ element. – we hired a room specially to

Dave Moorhead planning the whole AR story

Day 1 AR – the politician’s brain

Stuart Hall & Reception theory

Feedback from my presentation last week was very useful – especially thinking about the newspaper, and how our idea is for the smartphone AR to “decode” the news – in order to reveal the “truth”. Which is over simplistic I

Junaio AR

It took a bit of fiddling, but I have finally mastered putting video clips into Junaio (ones that work in Android). I just need more of a script to work to now. I’m also having a go at making a

Day 1 structure

Day1 This is the start issue – introduction  to set the scene and to get the reader involved  Only one EDITION Contains all 4 stories that we will follow through the 4 days: Crisis hits council estate  Online banking frozen

AR for Day 1 – some thoughts about many voices in the story

Voices in the story: The establishment, the rich elites, corporate bankers and government  The hackers – Robin and the Merry Men – in the AR  Critical/ objective data – live feeds – in the AR  A more or less sympathetic

Day 1 newspaper

A big thanks to Dave Moorhead for the text and Tracey Bearton for the layout (please click for bigger version):

Poster design

The poster is for the “Political Studies Association: Media & Politics Group Annual Conference 2012”. It’s a first version, so may have to change some things. Had a very busy last couple of days. Attended the annual “Under the Mask”

Project update

I’m building an online system for Dave to add and to change his writing/ content, for each block in the story (i.e. newspaper, AR, hack site, emails/ twitter) for each day. The idea is to make it easier for us