Category: Train Lines

The idea moved forward

Developed the idea further, tried to make more specific, with funding in mind, thinking why someone would fund it. The idea of hyper localisation crept in.

Examples of geolocation code

I researched websites explaining how to write geolocation code. HTML5 and Google maps, some useful tutorials. Started to build a fast prototype to demonstrate my idea.

Summary of initial idea

This idea comes from thinking about site-specific Art, e.g. sculpture, and experiments with site-specific Literature, especially connections between story and place.

Early storyboard

Early schematic – a diagram/ comic – a quick way to communicate the concept by telling the story of how the app is used.

Initial ideas

An unashamedly commercial idea – future of the book/ future of publishing. Aimed at commuters. When you travel on trains, you can download – for free – a chapter/ sample from a book. The book you get depends on which station you are at, or which station you are travelling through.