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Shock election announced! (Day 1)

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The Corbyn Coup 

Graphic novel/ comic about the attempted Labour Party coup on Jeremy Corbyn.
A journalistic documentary style comic which I submitted to The Nib, which is an excellent channel for political comics.

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Long before the story about Philip Green and how he asset stripped BHS became big news, I investigated the subject myself. I drew this in 2012 and focused on the tax evasion via gifts to his wife in Monaco.

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Libor Rigging

Former Trader Tom Hayes Sentenced to 14 Years for Libor Rigging. The ethical anaesthesia of the privileged?

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Barbara Castle and the missing dossier

This drawing is about Barbara Castle’s missing dossier scandal. A lot of the source material came from snippets I found in mainly tabloid newspapers, and mostly consists of interviews.

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What sorrow for you

This drawing is about greed and speculation, gentrification and social cleansing, and the Heygate estate in Elephant & Castle.

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Interactive story about video tapes, UK customs and a Cabinet Minister

I made this project mainly as an excuse to experiment with Inklewriter, the interaction fiction writing tool. Usually when I do this sort of thing I have to do all the coding, but this time I was using a ready-made tool, so was able to just focus on the storytelling, and it was really nice!

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Job searching for middle aged people

Today is going to be a successful day. I’ve woken up feeling very positive.
I’ve been reading tips on getting a job. Two very important things are (1) to always be professional, and (2) to never give up.
So I will put these into practice …

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The great artist

I made this comic after attending an art exhibition. I often see people doing things that get credit, but when I do it it gets ignored. My idea was Buddy Rivers, the automatic comedian.

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I have long been a fan of the home secretary

T shirt idea that was rejected. Cant believe she ended up a prime minister!

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Sherwood Rise – the Augmented Book

Sherwood Rise is the world’s first augmented novel.

It’s an Augmented Reality (AR) transmedia interactive graphic novel/ game, told over four days through a range of (trans)media and formats: printed newspapers, AR on mobile phones, emails, hacker websites, blogs, sound, music, graphic novels and illustrations.

Inspired by the current financial crisis, and the Occupy movement, the story is based on the traditional Robin Hood tale. The peasant revolt and dissent is brought up to date, and adapted for AR and transmedia. In our adaptation, austerity is imposed on the poor by a privileged elite, but resisted by a gang of hacker outlaw terrorists called the ‘Merry Men’.

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Work harder you lazy Britons!

William Hague tells everyone to roll their sleeves up.

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Occupy London with cartoons

An online tool which made it easy to generate political cartoons to support Occupy London. Once a week I printed them, went to St Pauls and put them on display. I also exhibited the cartoons in other places, such as cafes and bookshops.

Well known artists contributed work, which became part of a big stock of ‘ready-made’ fantastic drawings and cartoons – for everyone to remix.

The project is a collectively authored and networked satire, giving everyone a chance to participate/ support/ express themselves through political comics.

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Violence of the scene

Comic story about the student riots in London (2010).

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Political hairdresser

Comic about conversations with hairdressers. Usually these are very predictable, and I wanted to make a comic character who says the wrong things, talks about the wrong things in a particular situation. I’ve never had a political conversation in a hairdressers.

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bailouts, bonuses, austerity

These drawings came from the interactive web project I completed in October 2009, dealing with the subject of bank bailouts and bonuses.

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Bankers bonuses

This work is my response to a public debate at St Paul’s Cathedral (London) where the question was “Ethics and the role morality should play in the Marketplace”.

One quote from the debate, came from Lord Griffiths, the Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs: “We have to tolerate the inequality as a way to achieve greater prosperity and opportunity for all” and this mindset was my main motivator for the project.

I wanted to explore further and enlarge the debate through this project. There’s been lots of news and discussion on the subject, so I’ve had plenty of source material to work with. My initial idea was to explain the subject of bankers bonuses and bailouts to the general public – in a fun, informative accessible way.

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Trouble at the big house

A house gets broken into, a bank gets bailed out.

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Buddy Rivers Live (the automatic comedian)

‘Buddy Rivers Live’ was a live networked performance. The first performance took place on 26 April 2008 at 55 Leroy Street, London SE1, and was simultaneously webcast. This project used live internet searches converted into voice via a text to speech synthesiser.

I wrote a background story for the project: the Leroy Club was a legendary venue in the 1950’s comedy circuit, where many famous comedians started out. One of these was Buddy Rivers, who returned for this benefit gig to help save the venue. He hadn’t done standup for years and feared he’d lost his edge, so in an attempt to modernise his act, he used computer programs and Internet searches to generate his jokes. But how would the audience react?

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A walk in the park with Joseph Paxton

This is an interactive conversation and visual story combined. It deals with a controversial, topical and emotive local issue, concerning the development of Crystal Palace park after many years of neglect. It occurred to me that one voice is missing from the consultation, that of the master architect and plannner Joseph Paxton, who conceived the original design for the park.

I thought it would be interesting to imagine his point of view. What would he think? I tried to make the online interactive story unfold as a conversation, which is often considered the highest form of interactivity. The work is inspired by the ‘Eliza’ therapist simulator.

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Cartoon generator

This is an online cartoon generator where you can be author, collaborator, and even a character within the story.

Put your face into the story, add your comments, gossip, drawings, your own storylines. All these are mixed with a surreal element – dialogue generated through distortion of live news taken from web feeds.

Once you’ve generated your masterpiece, you print it out and take it away!

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Tense Nervous Headaches?

This project involved exploratory walks around Crystal Palace, mapping local electromagnetic radiation. The walks proved very popular and some years later (2012) I repeated the process around Finsbury Park, and have had repeated requests to do more. I also presented ‘Radiation Walks’ to the ‘Trouble Makers/ Making Trouble:interdisciplinary transgressions’ conference at University of Greenwich.

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The wreckers

This is an interactive work on the subject of the ‘wreckers’.

In early January 2007 a container ship was grounded off the coast of Devon, England, and just like they did centuries before, the locals came to loot what they could. The police stood helpless as locals took BMWs out of containers…

My idea was to make what I called ‘debate drawings’ – networked drawings that were more connected to a subject, and to have a debate going on inside a picture, or even a debate that creates a picture.

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netdraw is a digital/ networked project. It’s a spin-off from the interactive story experiment Shirley Bassey Mixed Up. I separated the networked generated illustration part from the story, with the idea of just using it to generate big illustrations. It’s

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Shirley Bassey Mixed Up

Shirley Bassey Mixed Up is an experimental illustrated 14-page networked; generative biography, following Shirley Bassey’s career. The illustrations are network generated, built dynamically from Yahoo searches. Through specifying different searches and playing with the customisation options, readers create an illustration for each page of the story.

By pulling in data from the Internet and manipulating/ transforming it within a story, this work can be described as a networked narrative. The structure is basically a traditional (linear) 14-page story built on top of a generative composition tool, that uses Internet search data as its input.

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