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Augmenting the Crystal Palace

I was asked to make something for the 2017 London Festival of Architecture, that could be part of the Overground festival in Crystal Palace. It was all very rushed, but I thought of looking at how the site of the old Crystal Palace could be augmented or expanded.

There’s very little left of the original Crystal Palace building, but the traces of the site and the gardens are clear to see.

It’s a typical London Park, very big and mostly grass. But there are remaining items – some of the Sphinxes are still there and recently restored. The terraces are there, plus the Dinosaurs. But the top site – where the building stood – is all gone – and the rubble flattened, and grassed over.

Tense Nervous Headaches?

This project involved exploratory walks around Crystal Palace, mapping local electromagnetic radiation. The walks proved very popular and some years later (2012) I repeated the process around Finsbury Park, and have had repeated requests to do more. I also presented ‘Radiation Walks’ to the ‘Trouble Makers/ Making Trouble:interdisciplinary transgressions’ conference at University of Greenwich.