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MINA Symposium – 1 Dec 2016

I will be talking further about my AR novel project “Sherwood Rise”. This paper describes an experimental and innovative arts project that investigated the future of the book. How to expand a traditional paper book (sometimes referred to as a codex) using new media technologies and AR on mobile phones, while keeping the paper book a central part of the storytelling? The project aimed to go beyond the superficial AR of pop-up books, and use AR to change the content of a printed book.

Convergence article

Crossing media boundaries – Adaptations and new media forms of the book.

Sherwood Rise project is discussed in detail, especially in terms of the the experience of building an AR transmedia story.

Project write-up in the Literary Platform

The project investigates how a digital community organises itself around a shared interest. The project asks questions about authorial intention and control, ownership of a story (world), cultural translation in adaptation/retellings, and canonicity.

Project reviewed in L’identit√† aumentata

The other day I came across the Sherwood Rise project of the British researcher David Miller: the idea is to unmask the news that appear every day in the mainstream media thanks to an application for augmented reality.