Interactive story about video tapes, UK customs and a Cabinet Minister


I made this project mainly as an excuse to experiment with Inklewriter, the interaction fiction writing tool. Usually when I do this sort of thing I have to do all the coding, but this time I was using a ready-made tool, so was able to just focus on the storytelling, and it was really nice!

I wasn’t too sure about the overview facilty (where you can zoom out and see the structure of your story, in flowchart form). It’s a great thing to have, and for me essential, but not sure if it really worked. This is something I always have trouble with – how to visually represent something so massive?

The subject is fascinating and I couldn’t resist exploring it. It’s political dynamite!

I showed my work in progress and here are some feedback comments:

Edward Picot:
“Blimey, this is explosive stuff. Leaving the political aspect of it on one side for a moment, the non-linear exposition works really well. I do wonder if some people might go through it just once and not bother to go back and explore the other ‘threads’, because I almost did that myself – but then I found myself wanting to give the story another try, and once I’d seen two of the ‘threads’ it was impossible not to read the whole thing. Absolutely riveting, once you get into it.”

Alan Sondheim:
“This really works in terms of format; I hope you continue, that even darker themes might be presented and with questionable clarity…”

James Morris:
“I’m a bit dubious of the merit of the interactive story, and maybe am not sure it works that well for news, but…I don’t know. Maybe it did work. I’ve mentioned it in conversation and forwarded it.”

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