How it works
The results of Yahoo searches are transformed into coordinates, and
then used to plot lines and curves. This generated illustration is then
mixed with one of my sketches, and also with the relevant caption text
for each page.
The process:
  • Yahoo search - brings back results
  • I take the text descriptions for each result, stick all the sentences together, and then go through measuring the number of letters in each word - add some random factors, and this gives us the coords. So each set of 4 words is X1, Y1, X2, Y2
  • The 'themes' apply different colour schemes and line widths to the lines and arcs
  • The 'tightness' means how closely squashed up are the lines and arcs. This is defined by an algorithm applied to the values of the coordinates.
  • The Yahoo search result words are then taken and sprinkled on top at random sizes, and placed in random positions
  • The PHP GD library creates the illustration as a PNG file
  • The first ten words of each set of Yahoo search results are taken for the title of the page, as HTML
  • My caption text for each page is placed on top of the illustration, as HTML.
I've separated out the script that creates the networked drawings - now you can make your own netdrawings. I've been using it to do make really big drawings, then adding hand sketches in Photoshop, and finally printing at 300dpi. The results are interesting ... well, I like them at least!