"Tell the family to pray for me"

The subject of this interactive story is the tragedy of the chinese migrant workers who died in Morecambe Bay, in the events of February 2004.

There are many separate and interconnected strands to this story, and I felt this was particularly suited to an interactive treatment: the experience of the workers who drowned, the bosses exploiting their cheap work, the reactions and feelings of the local people, the families in China and their reactions, and lastly the media/ political reactions and economics behind the story. This is a story very relevant to the current ongoing discussions on immigration. These strands are presented as parallel narratives through the story. Each one is small view of the big picture, each giving a different perspective. Users can choose their own path through the separate strands, so that they can affect, choose or change the plot. The result, we hope, is that each user experiences the story in a different way, and gains a unique perspective of the story.

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