How it works
  1. My drawings/ sketches of the wreckers and the Napoli are resized, placed and faded at random, and then pulled into a composite image.

  2. The RSS feed of the BBC 'Have your say' website, covering the debate on this subject, is processed by the PHP script.

  3. One random comment is selected from the RSS feed. Each word in the comment is counted and the numbers used to make rectangles. These are placed on top of the drawings.

  4. All comments in the RSS feed are then pulled in, and the frequency of all words are counted. These frequency numbers are then plotted as a polygon, with each word from the stories placed at the nodes. This appears as a spider-like mesh diagram. The user can control the look of this mesh: the line colours, the word colours, and how squashed-up or loose it will be drawn.

  5. Another comment is selected at random from the RSS feed, and the words rearranged into a kind of 'word sculpture'. Depending on the word length, words are displayed horizontally, and vertically up or down. A rectangular highlight box is placed behind the comments. Users can change both the colour of the comment text, and that of the highlight box.

  6. The user posts a comment, via the 'Add your views' box, which goes into in the Database. The user comment is also rearranged as a 'word sculpture'- as before - but this one starts from a different position, and so follows a different path.

  7. All user comments are then pulled from the Database and their word frequency counted. Then words are displayed in the picture according to their frequency, to create textures coloured to represent sea and sand. As the number of user comments increases, the density of these textures increase.

  8. Finally the label is calculated from the first five words in the user comment. This is placed in the right-hand corner of the composite image, and also forms the filename.

  9. For the size of picture generated: if the 'for monitor' option is selected, this generates a picture of 800 pixels width. If the 'for postcard' option is selected this generates a picture with postcard dimensions at 300dpi.