Shirley Bassey Mixed Up

Shirley Bassey Mixed Up is an experimental illustrated 14-page networked & generative biography, following Shirley Bassey’s career.

The illustrations are network generated, built dynamically from Yahoo searches. Through specifying different searches and playing with the customisation options, readers create an illustration for each page of the story.

By pulling in data from the Internet and manipulating/ transforming it within a story, this work can be described as a networked narrative. The structure is basically a traditional (linear) 14-page story built on top of a generative composition tool, that uses Internet search data as its input.

By adding unexpected and uncontrolled elements to the story we are influencing and changing the presentation of the story, how it’s experienced and what we take away from it.

In effect we are shaping the story, even making a new story, changing fact into fiction, sometimes disrupting the story. As the networked elements are dynamic and largely unpredictable, every experience of the story is unique.

There are many random elements in there as well, particularly affecting the positioning and placing of text and graphics.

Download a PDF version here.

August 2006

Posted in Digital stories, Generators